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Exalting the Cross?

I remember the day Fr. Alfonso (one of my favorite priests) dragged a huge cross across the altar.  He stopped and said, “Are we supposed to draaag  our crosses behind us?   NO!”  He thrust that big cross straight up in the … Continue reading

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Celebrating Again: Christ the King

One of the things I appreciate about the Catholic faith is our attention to the really important things, like celebrations.  Every day we celebrate the lives of saints, the events of Jesus’s life, and the dedications of great churches. I’m … Continue reading

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We’re Going to be Singing in Heaven

The chapel was filled with women and we were singing.  Imagine all of  those voices lifted together in adoration, filling the space with vibrating beauty.  Chills swept through me.  It was one of those rare moments when feel like you … Continue reading

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His Most Awesome Name

At the mention of a name we may feel love, joy, anxiety, fear, or indifference. The name Jesus means “God saves.” How do you react at the mention of His name? Continue reading

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Happy, Blessed Easter!

I pray in hope for all of you to know the love of the Lord deeply in your heart.  As I place  my “He is Risen” banner in the yard this morning I will say a prayer for those Christians … Continue reading

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