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Notre Dame and Celebrating Holy Thursday

Today I’m minutes away from leaving for Mass. It’s Holy Thursday, the start of the Easter Triduum, and this Mass is a true celebration. We’re celebrating the Institution of the Eucharist, when Jesus broke bread with His disciples on the … Continue reading

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Thoughts from an Ancient Teacher

I really liked the lesson this morning when I read the Saint of the Day on my Laudate app.  Sometimes a thought hits home, you know?   The “studying” part of our faith is interesting to me, but this reflection reminded … Continue reading

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Atrocities: Ash Wednesday Reflection

In my childhood home there was a bookshelf filled with encyclopedias, poetry books, and two photo journal books of the Normandy beaches, bombed cities, and concentration camps of WW II. The atrocities depicted in those pages were explicit, and my … Continue reading

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Confess Simply

I’m going to make a bold statement. We make way too much out of going to Confession. No, I’m not downplaying or making light of the sacrament, but if the embarrassment or fear of going into a confessional keeps you from the sacrament, then you’re over thinking this. Continue reading

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Still Learning My Faith

I went through a phase many years ago that had me thinking that Catholic theology was much too complicated.  The whole “saved if you say the prayer” idea seemed so simple.  Why did we have to have catechism and obligations … Continue reading

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When Rejection is Louder than Humility

  If a change is necessary for the good of the church, an organization, or whatever…I’m all in.  But what if that means that MY talents aren’t needed anymore (ouch) or MY ideas are dismissed or rejected? This is happening … Continue reading

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Timely Hurricane Florence Sermon

Friends, Today I opened my Laudate app and read this sermon, which I found in the “Office of Readings.”  The timing is interesting in light of what our brothers and sisters on the east coast are going to live through … Continue reading

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Staying Faithful When the Church Disappoints – Part 2

You can read my first blog on the current priest abuse subject here . There are videos and blogs all over the internet from our good and faithful priests addressing their own and the church’s response to the latest scandal … Continue reading

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What is the Best Gift You Ever Received?

 Normally it’s so much fun to watch the children and families process in and take their seats in front.  But that day I was leading our LIFETEEN band so  I admit I was a little distracted and preoccupied with setting up and keeping it all together.   Continue reading

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With All My Heart, Soul, and Might

Some things just get in there – deep inside. They stay dormant and occasionally wake up to jolt you with a memory or feeling.  That happened to me today.  Flash back to my early childhood, and I’m upstairs in my … Continue reading

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