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Saying Goodbye, and Hello

I’ve heard very smart people say that their scientific minds won’t allow their belief in God, because He can’t be “proved.” I’m here to tell you that Al Angelino had a great scientific mind, and he believed! Continue reading

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Three Reasons Catholics Are Bible People

  The Catholic Church is a  Bible Church. Does that sound weird to you? Okay, so it isn’t how we normally talk about the Catholic faith, and I wonder why not?  Here are just three reasons why I think this … Continue reading

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Learning to Love the Obligation

Do you go to Mass on Holy Days of Obligation?  I go to Mass every single Sunday, but holy days lost their importance to me over the years .  The thought of going out at night after being busy all … Continue reading

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Please Come Back

  Please come back. What do you hear in your heart as you read those words?  There isn’t much I can say to get you back to church if you don’t feel the need for it where it matters – … Continue reading

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Beware of Those Funny Paper Headlines!

I opened my browser this morning and was drawn to another headline claiming that Pope Francis said something incredible and church-changing.  My reaction to this headline was – wait…..wwhhhhaaatttt?  That doesn’t sound right. So even though most of these links … Continue reading

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