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Peggy and her husband, Tom, live in the Houston area. They have three young adult children. She is a former Respiratory Therapist and earned a Catechist Certificate in 2012 from the Diocese of Galveston-Houston.

The Holy Name of Jesus

I thought of all the ways Jesus’ name (and God’s name for that matter) is used in society. Apart from church or religious education, I can’t think of an example that is good, or that represents the power and reverence of which we should be aware when using his name. Continue reading

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His Most Awesome Name

At the mention of a name we may feel love, joy, anxiety, fear, or indifference. The name Jesus means “God saves.” How do you react at the mention of His name? Continue reading

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Still Learning My Faith

I went through a phase many years ago that had me thinking that Catholic theology was much too complicated.  The whole “saved if you say the prayer” idea seemed so simple.  Why did we have to have catechism and obligations … Continue reading

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When Rejection is Louder than Humility

  If a change is necessary for the good of the church, an organization, or whatever…I’m all in.  But what if that means that MY talents aren’t needed anymore (ouch) or MY ideas are dismissed or rejected? This is happening … Continue reading

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When Truth Is Exactly As You Thought: Gosnell Movie Review

Truth should permeate our lives and the decisions we make. Continue reading

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Exalting the Cross?

I remember the day Fr. Alfonso (one of my favorite priests) dragged a huge cross across the altar.  He stopped and said, “Are we supposed to draaag  our crosses behind us?   NO!”  He thrust that big cross straight up in the … Continue reading

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Timely Hurricane Florence Sermon

Friends, Today I opened my Laudate app and read this sermon, which I found in the “Office of Readings.”  The timing is interesting in light of what our brothers and sisters on the east coast are going to live through … Continue reading

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In My Arrogance

I love to listen to talk radio, especially when I’m driving.   Not  the talk shows that get you worked up and anxious, but the shows that teach something and inspire one to be better are worth my time. I wrote … Continue reading

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Staying Faithful When the Church Disappoints – Part 2

You can read my first blog on the current priest abuse subject here . There are videos and blogs all over the internet from our good and faithful priests addressing their own and the church’s response to the latest scandal … Continue reading

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Staying Faithful When the Church Disappoints

The question I’ve been asked is, “How do I reconcile this abuse by trusted leaders with my (Catholic) religion?” Continue reading

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