My Mother Mary

When I was growing up I often passed by my parent’s bedroom to see my Mom on her knees praying.    I also remember her sitting in the corner of the couch with her rosary.  I remember my Dad with a Bible.  We had a Spanish Bible along with the English version so that he could practice his language skills.    These are strong images for a child to carry out into the world.  Church on Sunday, prayers before bed, and Catholic grade school are some of the ways I was molded in faith.

Madonna and Child (Galleria Borghese, Rome) Oi...

Madonna and Child (Galleria Borghese, Rome) Oil on canvas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Over the years that faith grew.  I’m sad to say that my “devotion” to Mary never really developed as it could have.  Not that I didn’t try – I sang the Ave Maria at weddings, funerals, and retreats that I myself designed.  I sang it as the prayer it should be.  I spoke with people who had a very strong attachment to Mary, but I suppose that since my devotion to Jesus was so strong I didn’t feel a need to pursue a relationship with her.  And I have a mom and a pretty great mother-in-law, so why the need?

It occurred to me not too long ago that I might be missing out on something, so I decided to make an effort to allow Mary into my life.  A mother’s love is a coveted emotion.  When we lived in Mexico I was actually annoyed that devotion to Mary seemed to top devotion to Jesus.  Then I saw a sign by the road that said, “All to Jesus through Mary.  All to Mary for Jesus.”  Oh……I got it then.  It really is all about the love of a mother and child after all.

Pieta Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church,  Wickliffe, Ohio

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church, Wickliffe, Ohio

Sometimes I ask her to wrap a mantle of protection around my (young adult) kids.  When they were little Tom and I could be the protective ones, but honestly, how can we protect them now when they live in different cities?   Mary, however, can lift them to the Lord for me.  I like that.

I’m praying the rosary more.  When I consider the different mysteries I try to make it more personal.   So in the Joyful Mystery of the Annunciation I pray for every woman to find hope in the announcement of her pregnancy. In the Visitation I pray that every woman has help from a friend to accompany her and support her.  In the Birth of Christ I thank God for my own children and pray that every child will be allowed to live, and I pray for every child born with challenges, and every parent who suffers the loss of a child.  You get the idea.  The “Hail Mary” becomes the backdrop of the prayer.

I just decided (yesterday) that I’m going to start calling her “Mother.”  I have my “mom” and now I’m going to consider what place a spiritual “mother” may have in my life. This one may take some practice, but it feels kind of promising.

In hope,



About Peggy Angelino

Peggy and her husband, Tom, live in the Houston area. They have three young adult children. She is a former Respiratory Therapist and earned a Catechist Certificate in 2012 from the Diocese of Galveston-Houston.
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